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The Professional Tennis Coaches You Can Rely On


Nandor Veres SR. & Nandor Veres JR.

Attain proficiency in professional tennis and accomplish your dreams at Veres Tennis.  We specialize in age related development, our experienced and qualified coaches are worked decades with professional tennis players.

Veres Tennis is committed to athletic excellence through the use of structured periodized training programs. Veres Tennis programs can help prepare you to maximize your potential, be injury free, and possibly become competitive on national or international level.


Looking for the best junior development program in Texas? 

Only for very motivated juniors!  16 hours training a week, in small group format.

The program includes tennis and age related fitness.

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Our Programs

The program designed for ranked juniors only. 

Combining athletics with academics it is ideal for who wish to pursue a professional or top college athletic career.

Veres Tennis offers individual full year or seasonal periodized development plans for starting pro's, incorporating of South Florida's excellent weather and abundant pro level tournament availability.

We offer performance camps during school holidays.

The weekly camp programs based on ITF recommended training standards and coach Veres 30 years international experience.

This program combines general age related and sport specific development. Early physical development aims to increase strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility necessary for learning, injury prevention, and specific skill development for high level tennis. Tailored to the student’s abilities, this fitness is for adults as well as juniors who want to take tennis to the next level.


If you are not sure which program is right for you or your child, arrange a consultation today.

Individual lessons are available with Coach Nandor, tuition is $175/hour.

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