Who we are 

Veres Tennis in Lake Worth, FL is a reputable tennis academy that provides excellent instruction and guidance in tennis. With expansive knowledge and experience in the sport, our professional trainers can help you meet your goals and achieve your dreams.

Nandor Veres SR.

Nandor Veres, Sr., holds an MS in Science of Mathematics from ELTE, Hungary, and an MS in Sport Sciences from Semmelweis Medical University, Hungary. He has more than 30 years of professional coaching experience and has assisted dozens of young athletes to obtain athletic scholarships through tennis.

Nandor Veres, Sr., developed national champions of all ages in Hungary, Spain, Norway, and the USA, from U12 all the way to professional tennis.

Owner / business manager

Nandor Veres has thirty pluss years of experience in funding, building, managing sports clubs. Started out as co-founder and director of the National Youth Tennis Center in Hungary in the mid 80's. During the last 35 years he developed, built, and served as director of tennis in Spain, Norway.

As an example NM Tennis AS (Norway) annual programs incorporated over 700 weekly participants arranged ITF, International and national tournaments over 10 years.

In the USA, family Veres designed and built the Florida Tennis Center, Delray Beach FL a 11 court full service private tennis club the home of Veres Tennis Academy, in the year of 2000.  Since that time Veres Tennis Inc. has successfully managed multiple private clubs in Palm Beach, Long Island, NY, and Boulder CO.,

A Dedicated Coach

Nandor Veres, Sr., is a former national champion and national coach of Hungary and was the founder and first director of the National Tennis Center for Gifted Athletes in Budapest, Hungary. He also was an official FED Cup coach of Hungary, an official coach at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, certified ATP coach and one of the 34 Certified WTA Coaches in the world.

Nandor Veres, Sr., has coached players on all four Grand Slams; Wimbledon, Roland Garros, Australian Open, US Open, as well as many other major WTA ATP tennis events, develop players participated in Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams.

Coach Veres, as national coach, assists top world ranked juniors around the globe on ITF Junior World Cups, European and Scandinavian Junior Championships, and prestigious ITF tournaments, such as Orange Bowl and Junior Grand Slams.

Some of Coach Veres' most talented juniors have gone on to attend universities, such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Princeton.

Coach Veres speaks Hungarian, English, Norwegian, understands Swedish, and learned Spanish and German languages.

Nandor Veres JR

Nandor Veres, Jr., obtained an MS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and a BA in Finance and International Business. He was selected for National Deans List in 2005. He also is a lifetime member of Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honor Society, and a member of American Mathematical Society and the National Scholars Honor Society.

Nandor Veres, Jr., has worked for Princeton Trading Group in Palm Beach, FL as an international investment advisor in Europe. He also has worked in accounting and operations at a medium-sized asset management firm located in Boca Raton, FL.

An Experienced coach, business manager

In sport, Nandor Veres, Jr., has more than 15 years of experience in sports industry management and hosting various competitive events, such as ATP Prize money tournaments. His is experienced in club management, and program development.

During his coaching career, Nandor Veres, Jr., worked in high-end programs, such as Nick Saviano High Performance in FL and High Performance Tennis Team in Boulder, CO. He also spent four years working in The Hamptons and Millbrook, NY, where he learned how to service a different class of customers.

Assisting his father, he worked with many aspiring young professionals, including:

  • Melinda Czink, who ranked top 50 in the WTA tour
  • Alex Kuznetsov, who was the top 10 junior in the world
  • Jonathan Pearlman, the number one player for Harvard University
  • Peter Nagy  former Davis Cup player, 5 times national Champion, multiple wins over top 100 ATP players

Beside the highly committed clientele, Nandor Veres, Jr., assisted adults in an upscale social setting and juniors with specific goals in colleges and/or on the pro tour, develop training schedules, periodic plans, and more.

A Skilled Sportsman

Nandor Veres, Jr., has more than 8 years of experience in conditioning and sports nutrition, which became essential components of his value product during the later years of his tennis career. He is CSCS certified fitness coach, and working towards his Masters degree in Exercise Sciences.

As a junior, he played Division I tennis at Stony Brook University.

Prior to college, played on the ITF junior tour, spending most holidays and vacations traveling and competing internationally. During those years, Nandor Veres, Jr., was one of the best junior players in Norway and top 10 in the Men’s Open. He came to the US on a sports scholarship in tennis.

Nandor Veres, Jr., is fluent in Norwegian, Hungarian, and English and studied German and French. Due to the similarities in the Scandinavian languages, he can also communicate with the Danish and Swedish.

Maria Veres

Maria Veres is our academy’s general manager. She is the business partner of Nandor Veres, Sr., and has been married to him for more than 34 years.

Maria Veres has extensive experience in membership operations in private clubs and programs. She also has three decades of experience with large programs, most of which have 1000+ participants weekly.

Maria Veres is the director of club operations at Florida Tennis Center Inc. (FTC), a center in Delray Beach that was designed and constructed by the Veres family. Completed in 2000, the center features a brand new private tennis club with 11 courts. Her responsibilities include organizing and managing tournaments, which include the USTA and $15 000 ITF Futures.

Maria Veres was the director of operations for NM Veres Sport AS in Norway. NM Veres Sport AS managed two of the largest tennis clubs in Norway, Oslo. The company offered adult and junior programs, activities to players in all levels, arranged various tournaments, and directed membership services, pro shop, registrations, and maintenance services.

Serving as the tournament owner and director for NM Veres Sport AS for more than 12 years, she became the owner of the largest national tournament system under 14 and 12, in Norway and Scandinavia. During that time, Maria Veres has annually arranged more than 30 national tournaments with 2000 plus participants.

An educated teacher in biology and chemistry in Budapest, Hungary, Maria Veres is fluent in Hungarian, Norwegian, and English. She also is an active tennis player and a former professional basketball player of Hungary.

Krisztina Franciska SZEGEDY JD, 
Head of International Business Connections
Senior Compliance Expert,

Krisztina SZEGEDY acts as advisor to Veres Tennis on business ethics, corporate matters and international networking. Krisztina SZEGEDY has got 30-year experience as a legal advisor in banking and investment banking and as a commercial advisor in foreign trade. For the last 2 decades she has been working as Compliance Officer and has been involved in international networking. 

She has supported Veres Tennis with her professional advices on several business projects for almost a decade. 

At Veres Tennis Krisztina SZEGEDY is responsible for the developments of the international network and for the promotion of the Veres Tennis Academy and Healthy Life Style Programmes in international relations.

Krisztina SZEGEDY is fluent in Hungarian, English and German is located in Europe, Hungary.


My name is Dave Miley and I was for 17 years the Director of Development of the International Tennis Federation, the World governing body of tennis.
Nandor is a very responsible, trustworthy and hard working person. Knowing him as I do and taking into account his considerable experience in coaching and tennis administration/organization and also his success in the area of coaching high performance players and players of all levels of the game, 
I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Dave Miley
Former Development Director of International Tennis Federation

'Coach Nandor conjures up gold from nothing'
Harry Fritz
former top 120 ATP player, 11 times Canadian National Champion. Former personal coach of Andree Agassi, Coco Vandeweghe, Junior US Open Champion, brother/coach to Taylor Fritz

I am Dr. Ludovit Cap, PTR International Master Professional, working in the tennis industry since 1973.

I met Nandor in1988 at Hilton Head Island. He has great tennis skills and is very experienced tennis teacher who can handle different skill levels and excels working with performance juniors.

Nandor has exceptional managerial skills which these days are so valuable.

I can highly recommend Nandor in all aspects of tennis, for players and organizations.

Dr. Ludovit Čáp

PTR International Master Pro PTR Hall of Fame


I am the father and personal coach of Stefan Kozlov, former No 2 on World Junior Ranking and ranked as high as 115 on ATP world ranking. I am owner, founder of Kozlov Tennis Academy in Pembroke Pine, Florida. Since 2003 I have coached developed many professional players.

I meet Nandor first time at his tennis center in Delray Beach, in 2004, Nandor was coaching Melinda Czink, WTA top 50 and multiple top ranked players.

I was able to spend time with Nandor at his academy Florida Tennis Center, later named Veres Tennis, in Delray Beach, and presently at Lake Worth Florida.

We became good friends and I was able to learn a lot from him. 

He's got gift to recognize talent. Nandor's knowledge of the game is superb as he's worked with and developed multiple top 100 players. Nandor has a great love and passion for tennis and is highly involved with all levels of kids at his Academy.

We cooperate and work together since, we bring our players to train together frequently so that I can receive his feedback and guidance.

There are not many coaches that I would trust but, I do trust Nandor completely with any evaluations and recommendations with my players.

Nandor is one of the best coaches I know.

I very highly recommend Nandor in all aspects of tennis from coaching players to coaching the coaches.

Andrei Kozlov


" Nandor Veres har I over 12 ar satt sitt preg pa norsk tennis, bade personlig og gjennom utvikling av tallrike spillerprofiler fra sin trenertid I Rykkin(na Vestre Baerum) og Njard Tennis " 

Norges Tennis Magasin

Nandor, what you promised us when I was 10 years old, you delivered in full during the 8 years you coached me. Those years were a lot of fun and are now some of my best memories.”

Jens Pillgram Larsen

Junior Champion, Norway

Stanford Graduate

My name is Peter Nagy, a four times National Champion, Davis Cup player from Budapest, Hungary! 

Between 2013-2017, I have worked several years with Nandor Veres SR and Nandor Veres JR., at his academy. They have helped me grow, develop not only on the tennis court but as a person also! I have achieved my dreams playing and working with them, day in and day out for years! 

I believe Veres Tennis is a very good environment to train for any age! They are extremely professional, helping in every way possible! Mental, spiritual, lifestyle and doing an unbelievable job building up the psychical abilities of a player. 

With the help of Nandor Veres SR and Nandor Veres JR I progressed from 1300 on ATP ranking in 2013 and reached career high 400 in the ATP tennis ranking in April 2017, within 2 and half years!

During coaches Veres guided my programs, I have beaten 2 players from the top 100, and also represented and win matches for my county in Davis Cup.

Without their huge help in my career, I would have not reach all these wonderful achievements.   

I can whole heartedly recommend coaches Nandor Veres SR and Nandor Veres JR, to anyone who seeks to reach their true potential.

Peter Nagy

ATP player

I was the personal coach of Denis Shapovalov from the age of 13 to 17 and a half. In that time I was able to help develop Denis from no junior and pro ranking points to the #2 junior in the world and #240 ATP along with many accomplishments along the way. I'm currently working with the top two U16 boys in Canada. 

I was fortunate to meet Nandor while I was on tour with Denis Shapovalov while playing his first cycle of futures. Nandor was coaching another player and our two players met and played doubles for the first time together and won the doubles title. 

I was able to spend a lot of time with Nandor at his academy Veres Tennis, in Lakeworth Florida. We became good friends and I was able to really learn a lot from him. He's got a great eye for high performance. Nandor's knowledge of the game is quite extensive as he's worked with and developed many top 100 players. Also Nandor has a great passion for tennis in general and is highly involved with all levels of kids at his Academy. 

Nandor gave me some great advice when i was there with Denis. I also recently brought a few boys that I’m currently working with for a few weeks to train at his academy so that I can receive his feedback and guidance.

There are very few coaches that I would trust completely however, I would trust Nandor with any evaluations and recommendations with my players.  

I would recommend Nandor in all aspects of tennis from coaching players to coaching the educators. 

Adriano Fuorivia


It’s my pleasure to recommend Nandor Veres as a tennis coach and personal and business leader.

Nandor and I have been in contact for the last 6 years.He has been the tennis coach and manager of my daughter. My daughter has succesfully gained university scholarship in the U.S.A., after improving not just her tennis skills , but her personal skills as well.

I enjoyed my time working with Nandor on business projects, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. He is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard- working. Beyond that, he is an impressive problem solver who is always get the needed result.

His knowledge of health and expertise in sport management was a huge advantage to us. He put this skillset to work in order to reach our goals.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Nandor to rely and work with him. As a dedicated and knowledgeable business partner and coach and an all-around great person.

Istvan Zsolt Novak

Country Manager Trigranit 2007-2009

CEO Budapest Electricity utility (RWE) 1999-2005 

Marketing Director Kraft Foods Hungary 1995-1997

“Thank you for guiding and assisting me in all those years of my tennis career and in last week’s practice in Palm Beach. I will come back to Florida as soon as possible. I feel energized by the positive environment you create, to this day, and I am soon turning 40.”

Tom Hauglund

Arizona State Graduate

NCAA Finalist

Norwegian Tennis Champion

If you are serious about tennis, getting into the best physical shape of your life, or sports in general, there isn't a better professional sports trainer than Nandor Veres!"

Lester Cox

Former #5 National USTA Men’s 30's

Dear Nandor, I would like to offer my thanks and appreciation on behalf of the USTA Professional Circuit Department and Professional Competition Committee for your outstanding effort in hosting the USTA Men's $15,000 Futures Event in Delray Beach, FL during the week of January 15, 2001.”

Daniel Tin-Aung

United States Tennis Association

Men's Circuit

Nandor always makes tennis a family event. Not only does he increase everyone's technical ability and improve their tennis skills, he teaches you to make the time on and off the court fun as well!!! I can't recommend Nandor highly enough. We really miss him in New York.
Larry Scheinfeld
New York
Zelkova Ventures