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ITF Junior Traveling Team 

Annual program

ITF or top National ranked juniors can enroll only. 

  • Individual and small group environment.
  • Periodized individual training plans, 30 hrs. weekly training, 

Fall season: five ITF tournament preparation and follow up, includes Eddie Herr, Orange Bowl.

Winter, Spring Season includes 4 ITF and 4 USTA junior tournament preparation and follow up.

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ATP travelling team


       Veres Tennis Performance academy


Home schoolers are welcome

Open enrollment

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Full time and part time programs available.

The full time - 32 hours training a week.

Program is based on age related training plans.

The training program incorporates national and international tournaments, fitness program, running program and periodical testing


Private coaching, assessments: $175 an hour 



Veres Tennis Academy

Open enrollment

 Veres Tennis junior academy offer a variety of programs that can   enhance tennis specific skills and improve performance.

 The junior academy offer 3 hours of training during week days.

 Some of the most aspiring juniors choose home schooling, for   those, we offer morning and afternoon practice. 

 Individual fitness and agility programs are available

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