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Junior Academy



Participation in the high performance academy is recommended to those who are pursuing college tennis.

At Veres Tennis, we offer a variety of programs that can enhance your skills and improve your performance in tennis. Download and print out our brochure for your reference.

Veres Tennis annual junior programs are for kids of all ages and skill levels.

Program placement is based on age, skills and goal settings.

After School Tennis

Monday - Wednesday - Friday: 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Sunday 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM 


10 and Under Kid's Tennis

Physical activity helps children to develop motor skills now, what that they will need for future."

Fine Motor Skill Development – Learning Tennis

This is the child's ability to use small muscles, specifically the hands and fingers, to pick up small objects, hold a spoon, turn pages in a book, or use a crayon to draw. Combined with other skills, fine motor skills enable children to play tennis, correct technical issues, and develop better balance and footwork.

Cognitive Skill Development for Tennis

for all ages and levels

Cognitive abilities allow us to process the sensory information we collect. These include our ability to analyze, evaluate, retain information, recall experiences, make comparisons, and determine action.

Although cognitive skills have an innate component, the bulk of cognitive skills are learned. When this development does not occur naturally, cognitive weaknesses are the result. These weaknesses diminish an individual’s capacity to learn and are difficult to correct without specific and appropriate intervention.

Like sensory and motor skills, cognitive skills can be practiced and improved with the right training.

Summer Camp June 6 - August 19

Veres Tennis Summer Camp offers program from ages 9 and up. The camp program includes tennis, fun games and age related skill development.

Performance Tennis Camps

June 6 - August 19

Veres Tennis offers a high performance camp program for the most eager kids and juniors with the highest ambition level. The program is open for out of state and international students. The international environment creates cultural understanding and long lasting friendships.

Skill development is an integral part of both camp program, utilizing the positive effect of practicing multi sport activities, such as soccer, basketball, ping pong, while also providing an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.

The typical camp day begins 8:00 AM and ends 5:00 PM, during the day two main practices, and lunch break-rest time in air-conditioned area. The camps are during week days, Monday through Friday.

Registration begins on January 1st.

Fitness Programs

At Veres Tennis in Lake Worth, FL, we provide outstanding training for children and adult players of all levels. We place heavy emphasis on age and gender-specific physical and mental development to ensure that our students reach their maximum potential. In addition, our coaches will give you personalized attention to enhance your specific style.

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