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Why tennis? Interview with Peter Matyas Nagy, Hungarian Davis Cup player

Hi, what is your name, say something about you, what do you do currently?

My name is Peter Nagy I am from Hungary! I am a professional tennis player five times National Champion, member of the Hungarian Davis Cup team, ranked 415 on ATP, working on to achieve my goal to break top 200 on the professional world ranking.

Initially, when and why did you begin playing tennis?

Both of my parents were tennis players, and my family is running a tennis club. Because of this I grew up watching tennis since young age. As long as I remember and as soon as I was able to lift a tennis racket I am playing.

Why did you start tennis?

First I just liked tennis, but as I grow up I started to enjoy competing and since I want to win and become the best version of my self as a tennis player.

What is your worst tennis memory?

 I would say anytime when I have got sick or injured and I had to stop playing tennis for periods of time. On the other hand when I prepare really long and hard for some tournaments and I can not make the progress I desired, that feeling is really hard to deal with.

What do you love most in tennis?

 I completely love everything about tennis, I believe this is one of the most complete sport where I have to push myself to the limit to achieve success. It teaches great lessons how to work hard and sacrifice some things in order to became successful.

But after all the hard work, long years of suffer and practices the moment when I achieve my goals or I win the big matches in front of my family and friends and coaches, that moment is why I love tennis.

Has tennis taught you anything about yourself and others?

Tennis is a great way understand the meaning of hard work and sacrifice in order to achieve success, It is also very much international, requires a lot of travelling where I can meet new cultures, different people and make a lot of connection and grow as a person. It thought me that I am able to push myself and lift my self up even when I am experiencing hard times. I know I am strong enough to go through everything in order to reach my goals. And tennis got this out of me but now I can shift this to other parts of my life.

What reasons would you give to children and their parents to participate in tennis?

I believe tennis is a great way to learn and understand the main factors that a successful healthy life requires. Who ever is participating in tennis have to learn how to be discipline, focused and organized. Also need to motivate him or herself throughout difficult long practices. Physically also will help grow the children and make them become healthier. Overall I suggest any children to participate in tennis young age.

If it would be up to you, going back in time would you start playing tennis again?

Yes, I would go back in time and start playing tennis as well, but do some thing differently. I would start to focus on physical improvements and just overall do more work young age.

What difference made in your tennis career to start to work with coach Nandor Veres?

I believe at age 20 when I started to work with coach Nandor that was the best thing could happen with me, he and his son Nandor Veres showed me what is real hard work and working together in a positive environment.

Since I am working with coach Nandor Veres SR. and coach Nandor Veres JR., I have improved every aspects of my game and also become stronger, faster and mentally tougher.

My world ranking gone up every year from 1350 on ATP,  to 415 ATP this year, I won five National Championships, in 2014 been selected to hungarian Davis Cup Team, win over Dudi Sela ranked top 70 in the World in 2015,  assisted my team to reach the highest Davis Cup group in 30 years.

I would say that the experience and the knowledge that Nandor Veres and his son has is incredible and I feel lucky that I am able to work under their hands.



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