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Veres Tennis Fitness fundamentals

Veres Tennis Academy Approach

Veres Tennis are firm proponents of the tried and true Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) that is a systematic approach being adopted by all sports (some better than others) to maximize athletic potential and increase the enjoyment of participants and athletes.

LTAD provides a framework for developing physical literacy, fitness and competitive ability, using a stage-by-stage approach. Veres Tennis utilizes a tennis modified version of the general LTAD model, for optimal performance. Brief overview of stages:


  • Learn to Train
  • Train to Train
  • Train to Compete
  • Train to Win

Learn to Train

  • Tennis specific training.
  • Enhance existing and develop new fundamental movement skills.
  • Continue strength development.
  • Continue endurance development.
  • Continue agility (speed) development.
  • Introduce basic flexibility.
  • Develop habits for warm up, relaxation, cool down, stretching, hydration and other sports critical elements.
  • Periodization may be deployed.
  • Competition may begin, however focus is on athletic development over tournament result at ages 8-12

Train to Train

Further develop the ABC, sport specific.

  • Train for sport (Tennis)
  • Develop aerobic base
  • Learn correct weight lifting techniques
  • Further knowledge on sports specific elements such as stretching, nutrition, hydration, competition routines, tactics, etc
  • Special attention to stretching and flexibility, as well as coordination due to rapid growth
  • Competition still dominated by training.
  • Ages 12-16

Train to Compete

  • Approximately ½ the time spent training is devoted to technical and tactical aspects of tennis.
  • Remaining is devoted to competition. Learn to perform and employ tools in competitive environment.
  • ABC individually tailored.
  • Advanced/multiple periodization, ages 16-18.

Train to Win

  • ABC, technical and other ground work complete, focus on maximizing performance.
  • Tennis athletes train to peak during key tournaments/events.
  • Advanced periodization with competitions and high intensity training timed to avoid burn out.
  • Ratio of competition-to-training the highest (still player dependent)
  • Ages 18+
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